What We Do

Small enough to keep your objectives in sight. Big enough to accomplish them.

Established in 1989, DiAndrea Media is comprised of a unique team of individuals with marketing skills that focus on results. Our client's success is our number one objective and we work diligently to create a personalized marketing plan for each. Through years of experience, we have gained unparalleled knowledge of the market place and what drives consumers in our area. We use this knowledge, outstanding creativity and the appropriate traditional and digital tools to provide solutions and results.

Our goal is to work with our clients to envision and achieve their goals through strategic planning, creative thinking, detailed driven projects and laser-focused execution. When our clients are succeeding, so do we!



It's not what you say. It's how you say it.

We've all seen it; a great product with poorly created messaging delivered ineffectively. What's worse? A campaign that does not address specific needs or desired outcomes.

It's not what you do. It's how you do it.

The options we now have for delivering messages seem endless. Successfully integrating traditional with emerging media is paramount. The strategy with which these tools are employed and the efficiencies of delivery will determine the degree of success you will experience.

It's not what they think. It's how they feel.

You can give them all of the data and all of the facts to convince. But, if they aren't emotionally engaged, they're gone.

Our Work