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Your team @ DiAndrea Media will help you execute a TV commercial that ignites growth, resonates with your target prospects, and reinforces your brand.

Consistent, authentic content paired with inspirational audio and cutting-edge visuals will promote a brand experience that’s unmatched and unforgettable on every level.

By being smart about the way we buy media, we’ll also make sure you save time and money through finding your audience and bringing them right to you with premium placement.


Be seen – Be heard – Be memorable.





















    Breakthrough the background noise by giving your audience something they’ll want to listen to!


    Your message shouldn’t just be a filler until the music starts again. You have mere seconds to convey what you’re offering and why consumers should care – you need to make those ears perk up!

    Radio is still a very popular, proven and powerful medium today, despite the channels of delivery. Its voluntary listener-ship will give your brand a more intimate feel. Aside from scripting and producing, we’ll place and schedule your radio spots to play exactly where your audience will hear them and where you’ll see results, creating cost efficiency through strategic targeting. 


    “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

    – Craig Davis












    Scale customer acquisition with eye-catching billboards. As your local Advertising Agency, we can help.


    Not only will you own a 24/7 fixture that’s cost-effective and highly visible – you’ll become part of your target’s outdoor landscape, with repetition that’ll emblazon your brand in their vision and minds.


    In a sky full of white clouds, be a rainbow.



    Extra, Extra – read all about it!


    Newspaper may seem old-fashioned, but a well-integrated newspaper campaign can generate brand awareness, increase website traffic, and even drive direct sales.

    Reach your intended demographic spectrum across a platform people trust and rely on, in both the print and online editions. From a tiny space to an entire page – we’ll design and place an effective ad that’ll meet your needs, fit your budget, and state your message loud and clear.

    DiAndrea Media – Your Altoona PA Advertising Agency.











    “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as the body copy.”

    – David Ogilvy

    Do you want your message seen, read or heard?

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