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Websites Have Feelings Too!

Oct 3, 2022Web Development0 comments

Nobody likes to be ignored……Neither do websites!!!

We see this all too often…. websites being ignored and put on the back burner, or sometimes totally forgotten about.   Hey, we all know how fast time flies, but the truth is that having a website and not keeping up with the updates, content updates, blogs and relevant information makes your company website appear “old, unwanted and lonely”.  Imagine how visitors feel when they see old information, outdated calendars or even blogs dated from two years ago…. perception is real and so is the responsibility to stay fresh and current. 

We highly recommend a detailed approach for website maintenance.  If you don’t perform recurring maintenance, your website will begin to run slow, stop converting leads or sales, potentially be home to malware, or even stop working completely. We have seen the effects of poor maintenance.  We follow weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance so that business websites continue to be successful marketing tools.

For more information, reach out to DiAndrea Media

– Rachel