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Be Liquid

Dec 6, 2021Marketing0 comments

Be Liquid. That’s where it’s at.

For years most of our world took on a solid structure and appearance.  If you look at television, for example, in 1946 and again in 1951, a five-year period, you will see very little change. But take a wider view, from 1946 to 1962, about fifteen years, and you would see that U.S. households with television sets went from 0.5% in 1946 to 90% in 1962*. And while technology continued to evolve it wasn’t until 1971 when America saw its next significant achievement of color televisions outselling black & white sets for the first time.

Compared to today’s digital standards, change was slow in the analogue world. The digital media’s have transformed all of that. Everything has become liquid. Shapes change and behaviors change fast. Facebook, which began around December 2004 with a handful or users ended 2007, their first three-year period, with 50 million users. One more year later their users tripled to 150 million. Today, facebook has roughly 2.91 billion monthly active users.

The continued evolution of existing medias and the introduction of new ones will continue to change how we consume entertainment and gain information. Marketing plans also must change. Successful integration of traditional and digital media is where it’s at today. What is “it”? EVERYTHING! And it does NOT matter what industry you’re in. Every business, every group, every organization that wants to remain vital and relevant within their group MUST embrace digital medias, including social media, now. Not soon, not next year. NOW.

– JR


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