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Feb 7, 2022Marketing0 comments

Choose your position.

Brand and product positioning is one of the more important principles of marketing. It’s what gives you a solid foundation and character. It also will be a guide as you create content and messaging for promotion and marketing.

Simply, brand positioning is the personality of your product or service. It is how customers will be able to identify your brand, differentiating your product from a competitor’s. It will include key values and qualities synonymous with your product. It will also represent a solution for the challenge your customer wants to overcome or the change they want to make. These brand characteristics should be referenced in all messaging. There are many methods to consider in a positioning strategy including voice, tones, mood, visuals as well as the impression your brand creates.

Brand positioning ultimately provides your potential customers with the reasons to select your product or service. Developing a brand takes time. But with consistent brand positioning you will stand apart from others and lead your market segment.

– JR