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Consistency is Key.

Jul 6, 2021Marketing0 comments

One major accomplishment for many clients is becoming a household name, whether it be on a local, national, or even international level.

Sure, there are a lot of elements that go into this – the quality of your product/service, how assertive you are with your marketing efforts, and word-of-mouth from your customers (just to name a few). However, one of the surest ways to get there is through brand consistency.

The more consistent your branding is, the more recognizable it will be. We see it all the time – businesses that use different logos, different colors, different taglines…you get the picture. We’ve also seen brands change things up too fast, without giving them a chance to stick first.

For any Mandalorian fans out there, this is NOT the way.

When you’re competing against hundreds of others for your audience’s attention, and may only capture it for mere seconds, you’ve gotta’ be memorable. Sure, creative and engaging ad campaigns will help you stick out in their minds, and if your campaign is REALLY good (or just crazy ‘out-there’…thinking of you, Puppy Monkey Baby), it may never leave.

The thing is, being remembered for a genius campaign is totally different than being remembered just for being, well, you. Think about some of these examples – when you have a scrape, you get a Band-Aid (they are actually adhesive bandages – Band-Aid is a brand, yet that’s what we all call them).

There are dozens of off brands of coca cola, yet people still always call it Coke.

Going even further – the swoosh, the golden arches, the siren…I didn’t even mention any business names here, but you probably know exactly who I’m talking about.

What do all of these guys have in common? Their brands have remained consistent across the board. Their website, promotional products, social media accounts, etc. all follow that brand’s theme/guideline to a T – they use the same logo, same fonts, same colors, and so on. This consistency allows us to connect the dots and resonate with these brands because they are constantly familiar to us.

The same exact thing can be done on a local level.

Take Sheetz for example. As soon as we mention the name, you can picture everything about them. This doesn’t just happen – it takes a strategic branding campaign.

That’s one of the many things we do here at DiAndrea Media – we help your brand and all of its elements line up, make sense, and become familiar to your audience. After all, consistency is key, and it’s our job to get you there.

– Angel