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Don’t Complain

Apr 19, 2021Uncategorized0 comments

Don’t complain about an opportunity.


If you are a business, group or organization and you have a Facebook page you most likely have experienced a negative comment on your page. There are many different reasons for negative feedback; dissatisfaction with a product, bad experience with customer service or even a former employee relieving some frustration. It’s never fun reading these comments. And addressing the authors can be painful. But disregarding them can be disastrous.


As children we’re taught to ignore those who have something bad to say about us. Often, it’s easier to do just that. But by doing so we are not taking advantage of a unique opportunity. Before social media, people who were unhappy would simply spread their dissatisfaction to everyone who would listen. Rarely would you know about it. You could never make things right ultimately losing that person as a customer.


But now you know someone is talking about you. And now you have the opportunity to do something about it. Responding to their complaint with a genuine promise to make things right can turn an unhappy customer into one of your most loyal. And best of all, everyone will see how much you care about your customers.


Critics can be a tough bunch. And today they’re more likely to vent their frustration in front of an audience. But now you’re aware of it and can be part of the conversation. So, the next time someone complains about your product make the most of the opportunity. Show them what you are really like.

– JR