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Lost Control

Sep 5, 2022Marketing0 comments

You’ve lost control. And you’re not alone.

There was a time when business communications controlled the conversation. Now the consumer has all of the control.

There was a time when our business communication was one way. We told the audience what we wanted them to hear, think, feel and do. No response was asked for and actually not even welcome. Unfortunately, many continue to communicate with this mind set rather than engage in a conversation. Even on social media we see this.

There are conversations going on. And lots of them. Who is controlling the conversation? You aren’t. It’s the consumer. The consumer has the power to speak and choose. Hundreds of entertainment options allow them to be very selective in what they allow into their homes and take with them. Online platforms provide for an endless amount of entertainment and interaction. Consumers do not want to be pitched endlessly. And what’s more, they really don’t care how great you believe your services are. But they do care how they can find benefit.

Is this a bad thing? Not if you’re willing to be a part of the conversation. Not if you’re willing to listen, learn and be responsive to what your audience has to say. In fact, I believe this is the best time to be a marketer. The opportunity to be a part of their conversation has significant value. The tough part? Be invited to join in!

– JR