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Marketing During a Pandemic

Oct 21, 2020Marketing0 comments

Marketing During a Pandemic

Yeah, COVID-19 is one of the worst things we’ve faced in decades – we all know it, and we’re truly all in this together. While things may not be nearly as bad as March when all the shutdowns were happening, the effect that this pandemic has had, and still has on businesses everywhere is no joke.


This is especially true for small, local businesses. One of the hardest lessons of this time has been survival, plain and simple. We’ve seen so many businesses take a fight or flight response. There are those trudging through, as hard as it may be, to fight for their business that they’ve worked so hard to build up, and those who decided to cut their losses.


The thing is, that those who’ve cut their losses may not have been thinking about the big picture. We’ve had a lot of clients who thought it would be in their best interest to cut all marketing during this time to save a buck. But they weren’t thinking of the long term.


Believe us, we get it. When your business has to shut down operations for weeks and the economy is such rough territory, it raises panic. Sadly, marketing is often the first thing to go from a budget, right up there with layoffs. This is a bold decision, and one that is often made in the midst of panic without being carefully thought through.


Rather than cut out marketing all together, now is the time to adapt it and gear up your strategy with a solid game plan that keeps long-term objectives in mind. That’s why having organized, professional consultation is so critical, ESPECIALLY right now.


You’re a survivor. We will get through this. Together.


Marketing during a Pandemic: Dos and Don’ts


  • DO communicate with your customers. Keep them in the loop about changes in your business, what you’re doing to keep them safe, and the quality of product/service they can still expect from you.


  • DO get on board with digital. Digital marketing is at a high right now, and with consistent, relevant, and valuable content, you can keep your digital presence strong even when this is all FINALLY over.


  • DO Restrategize your marketing efforts – seek professional guidance and discover how/if you should reallocate your marketing budget to make it more effective for your goals during this time. Your marketing should work smarter, not harder!


  • DO review your automated marketing. It’s important to make adjustments that reflect changes caused by the pandemic and cater to your customers’ needs.



  • DON’T decrease your marketing budget. Many businesses may have stopped operations, but that just means it’s your time to shine. During this time, your ad dollars will be able to go much further and you’ll be able to gain a larger market share because of others being inactive. Now isn’t the time to follow the herd – it’s time to lead it.


  • DON’T stop creating content. We’ve seen businesses go MIA on social media and other platforms. Rather than reducing or stopping your content, double down on it! We promise, it’ll give you a major advantage in the long run. And, while competitors may be scrambling to catch up, you’ll already be blooming in search results.


  • DON’T assume customer behavior. Your customers won’t be the same as they were pre-pandemic, and it’s important to realize that. You need to identify behavior and trends that are current and take a hard look at your targeting/ messaging in response to these newfound trends.



– The DiAndrea Media Team