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Unicorns and Rainbows

Mar 30, 2021Marketing0 comments

Unicorns and Rainbows

Successful marketing doesn’t miraculously appear – it takes a lot of strategic planning, careful data analysis, creative concepting, and so on to make the magic happen.

More often than not, clients expect immediate results from a new project. They’ll want hundreds of new social media followers overnight, thousands more website visitors in a week, sales increased by over 50% in a month.

We get it. It’s exciting to start a new project and when you invest in your marketing, you want to see something tangible to ensure you’ve invested your dollars wisely. But marketing isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. Time is your best friend, and we promise you’ll get immense value from that friendship in the grand scheme of things.


Unicorn Marketing

Now, just because we said marketing isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, that doesn’t mean your company can’t BE a unicorn! Sure, it isn’t magic – it still takes the same amount of professional time, skill, and effort, but there is such a thing as “unicorn marketing” – for real, look it up!

Unicorn marketing is essentially making your business stand out like a unicorn in a sea full of donkeys.

It can refer to you standing out from your competition, or more commonly, aspects of your marketing that stand out internally. Think of that one social media post that’s blowing your notifications out of the water, or that Google Ad which always has significantly higher clicks than the rest. Those would be your “unicorns” – because they’re getting extraordinary attention.

Unicorn marketing is all about the data, paired with the right strategy. Posts, ads, and other content that earn you the most measurable engagement is where you want to focus your efforts. You can repurpose past campaigns that performed well or maximize on engagements that new unicorns earn you.

Furthermore, Google and other top marketing platforms actually favor unicorns, while they punish the donkeys. The more engagements a piece of content has, the higher it will rank with Google’s algorithm.


Baby Unicorns!

Because who doesn’t love babies? Once your unicorns have been identified, you’ll be able to make some baby unicorns. For example, if a certain blog post had outstanding performance, you could branch off of that same topic for future blogs. If something on your Facebook page is getting tons of likes and shares, drive the momentum – create related videos, infographics, etc. and consider cross-platform publishing.

It’s not always possible to predict what will be popular.  Heck, we wrote some content about Pickle Martinis for one client and it had over 40 shares in the first day. But listening to your audience and tailoring to their wants/needs will go a long way in creating that unicorn ‘spark’.

Don’t stand for being unremarkable. Let us measure the performance of your campaigns, identify your unicorns, and together we’ll ride like the wind on those magical ponies!

– Angel