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What Does Color Mean to You?

Apr 4, 2022Branding, Design0 comments

You most likely have a favorite color (or even several), but have you ever thought about what it is that makes you like that color SO much?

In the world of marketing, color is one of the most important ingredients there is. The colors you choose for your logo, website, etc. are vital to expressing your brand story because colors play a HUGE role in human cognition – larger than most people even realize!

Colors can influence decisions, evoke emotions, and be associated with certain experiences.

Many of them also have universal correspondences. For example, yellows are commonly associated with happiness. Green is often attached to luck, prosperity, and abundance. Red is used for strength, passion, and power.

You have your neutrals – blacks, whites, tans – that draw focus. Your warm colors like orange and pink that promote confidence and playfulness. Cool colors like blue and purple that can elicit feelings of harmony and sophistication.

Colors have the ability to subconsciously and psychologically influence a potential consumer’s decision to engage with your brand or move onto the next. Therefore, they’re not just a preference, but a stimulus that creates instinctual reactions. How cool is that?!

The combination of colors that represent your business deserve serious consideration! How do you want to be perceived? What feelings do you want to instill in your target audience? If your business was a person, what characteristics would they have?

Let us conduct a color study of your brand and take it to the next level!


– Angel