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Where are my Google Ads?

Jan 5, 2021PPC0 comments

Where are my Google Ads?

We often hear this question from our clients because they’ll sometimes search for one of their keywords and not see their Google ads show up. This is actually very common – your ad won’t appear every time you or someone else searches for it. It isn’t supposed to.

While it’s completely normal, there’s several different causes for why this happens. First and foremost is your ad budget. Very rarely can clients afford to show up for every search/keyword. Your search history (such as searching too many times without actually clicking on your ad), your targeting preferences, and competitors winning bids for the same keywords/search phrases are also considerable reasons.

The important thing to remember is that just because you can’t see your ad every time, that doesn’t mean it isn’t performing successfully! The best way to know how your ads are doing are by mining the analytics – ad statistics are extremely accurate and will give you the clearest picture of what your ad is accomplishing.

Now, if your ad isn’t getting any clicks or has a low number of impressions – that’s a whole ‘nother story. Here’s some of the most common reasons for why these stats may be so low:

  • You’re searching from another geographic location outside your target area
  • Your ad has been paused or deactivated
  • Your daily/monthly budget has already been used up, so there’s no money left to run your ad
  • The search volume for your keyword is too low (not enough people search for it)
  • Your landing page isn’t relevant to your target keyword
  • Your ad copy isn’t attractive to customers and/or search engines
  • Your ad is pending review or has been disapproved

In short, although there are a variety of factors for why your Google ads might not appear, there’s always a way to discover exactly what that reason is and fix it! Especially with a professional team like DiAndrea Media, who’s able to optimize your ads and get them in front of your target audience as often as possible.

To learn more, give us a shout!

– The DiAndrea Media Team