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Why in the Wasabi?!

Feb 15, 2021Marketing0 comments

Wasabi Oreos. Yes – you read that correctly. They actually exist! As do Hot Chicken Wing Oreos. And Churro ones. Believe it or not, there are over 65 new flavors from Oreo’s little team of mad scientists.

We know what you’re thinking – WHY?! Why in the wasabi is that a good flavor idea, for a COOKIE?!

It all comes down to marketing. The proof is in the puddin’ – AKA years’ worth of data showing that the crazier a new flavor is, the more media coverage and overall exposure it gets.

Which brings us to the real question here – WHY NOT?!

If you want to succeed, you can’t be afraid of pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. Something might sound completely crazy, but it could end up being GENIUS for your company.

Take a look at Lucky Charms – they’ve been around since the 60s. Entire generations of people get the same childhood nostalgia from those tiny (yet magically delicious) marshmallows. So, what do they do? They take the cereal out of the equation. As of last year, you can buy a whole box that’s marshmallows-only! And you can bet your sweet bippy they were sold-out for months after the release. #Brilliant.

Even looking at some of our own clients, we’ve witnessed the first-hand success of launching a new product or service, some of which were a bit far-fetched, and guess what? Sales increased a good 20-30% immediately after!

The key takeaway here is that crazy can definitely be a good thing, and NEW will always grab attention.

Whether it be a new product or even an updated look/feel, whenever you introduce something new, you get a huge opportunity to spur the interest of your audience. You never want to go stale in their eyes. Wasabi Oreos may sound weird and totally gross for a lot of people, but you can’t deny it – the Oreo brand just piqued your curiosity.

– Angel