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You Are Important

Aug 2, 2021Marketing0 comments

Years ago as a young radio announcer I was told to choose someone I’d want to have a conversation with, someone like you. Then, imagine I was speaking to you each time I announced. Not a large audience. Just one person. I was surprised at how my communication changed. It became more intimate.


Reading email, texts, proposals etc. is a solo endeavor. When I write I write as if I’m addressing only you. I think of just you. Not one person. You. It’s a powerful way of engaging and showing your sincere interest in the reader.


Avoid certain phrases: “you guys,” “many who,” “all of you,” “our customers.” Instead use “you.” That’s a really good start. Then, if you really want to form a partnership start using “we.” You’ve just created a bond. Using “we” within your writing will create common ground, a foundation of mutual interest in achieving a specified goal.


Oh, and successful marketing will instill the same philosophy. Today, most of the media we consume is done by ourselves. When we begin communicating to your prospective customers one to one, they’ll know your product is what they’re looking for.


Communicating to ONE individual, you and what you want, is most sincere and effective.


You should try it.


– JR