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by Sep 7, 2020Marketing0 comments

The Importance of Details

Most people don’t appreciate detail. In fact, most people avoid them considering details tedious or not worth spending time on at all.

Details are found in still and moving images, graphics and in word selection. They can be obvious or hidden. Large or small. Often, they’re part of a common whole.

When viewing art of any kind, which is in and of itself subjective, I take note of many details. Often, if the whole of the subject matter doesn’t engage me, I’m likely to pass it by. But once my curiosity is captured, I’ll look more closely. What emotions are aroused? What is the story being told? Is there a message or theme the artist meant to express? Is there a conclusion I am to draw?

The same details are important when creating marketing tools. Still and moving images, graphic design and choosing the right combination of words all will be more effective when attention is paid to detail. And when effectively created the sum of these details will better communicate emotions, ideas and desired outcomes.

In many cases we have 30 seconds (traditional media) or as little as 5 seconds (digital media) to communicate a host of ideas and outcomes. Capturing the attention of the prospective customer is tough enough. And once you have their attention you certainly don’t want to waste the opportunity! Creating the right image is critical to tell a story, engage the viewer, and excite an emotional desire to take action.

Yea, details can be tedious, time consuming, and to some not worth investing time in. But it’s sure the right thing for the most engaging communication for results-oriented marketing.

– JR