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Sight and Sound

Nov 9, 2021Marketing0 comments

What do you hear? What do you see?


In a recent environmental Video shoot, I became increasingly aware of the liveliness of sound and brightness of the sky around me.   Our shoot had been scheduled later in the summer season to allow us to shoot in temperatures a bit more tolerable than mother nature’s humidity driven days this year. Good to go right?  You would be surprised how much work goes into controlling a shoot.  Being outdoors is always a challenge controlling the light and sounds around us…The wind blew up, the sun brightness was glaring, the train whistle blew endless times, an eagle flew over to check in on the camera crew and shared his high-pitched whistles, crickets chirped, and the river roared from the 3 days of prior rain.  The best noise disturbance ever was when the large dump truck driver decided to engage a symphony of air horn beeps for what seemed like minutes of continuous deafening tone.  These are challenges a quality camera crew faces with bravery and skill.  The ability to anticipate and minimize these types of intrusions is a big help to be able to say, “It’s a take!”

– Rachel